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Flutter is gaining traction as one of the most popular cross-platform mobile frameworks. In a recent survey, 42 percent of software developers reported using Flutter for feature-efficient solutions. To discover why Flutter is one of the top choices for app development, take a look at the content below.


Flutter is gaining traction as one of the most popular cross-platform mobile frameworks. In a recent survey, 42 percent of software developers reported using Flutter for feature-efficient solutions. To discover why Flutter is one of the top choices for app development, take a look at the content below.

Why Consider Flutter for Agile App Development?

The earlier stages of app development involved significant use of frameworks like Phone Gap, Xamarin,and Ionic. Although these frameworks contributed to efficient development, they still came with certain drawbacks. Then came React Native, with functionalities to operate in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and brought a revolution to the cross-platform application development sphere.

With the introduction of Flutter app development, more and more developers began experimenting with new features and functionalities. Over time, Flutter became one of the most popular app frameworks, owing to its versatility and integrated features of cross-platform and native development. Below are a few of the compelling reasons to consider Flutter application development.

Flutter app development is quick

The utilization of Android Studio for app development caused some delays when it came to app testing and deployment. It usually takes a few minutes to test the application and fix errors using Android Studio because of its limited layout preview feature. Whereas, the ‘hot reload’ attribute in Flutter allows developers to view the changes they have done in real time without going back and for multiple times. By leveraging this feature, developers can effortlessly build web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Flexibility in sharing UI and Logic

Most of the cross-platform frameworks offer one way or the other to facilitate sharing of code base across numerous platforms. With Flutter, there is more flexibility, where developers get to easily share UI across various platforms and in many cases,get to use the same UI for different purposes. For Flutter app development, it is possible to quickly render the UI since the framework doesn’t require platform-agnostic UI components. Thus the application of Flutter for app development promotes easier sharing of UI and logic across multiple platforms.

Easier customization

The Flutter app development services have gained higher adoption in recent times. One of the contributing factors to this popularity is how the framework supports easier customization.This helps developers and clients alike to easily integrate bespoke features into new applications. This particular feature also favors start-ups that usually have some unique specifications to garner more clientele. Integrating shape manipulation, efficient element transitions, and transformations, are some of its many customizable functionalities.

The rendering engine compatibility

The flexible rendering engine in Flutter has opened multiple doors of innovation. In most of the other cross-platform frameworks, there is some limitation to adding new features because of the compatibility errors with the rendering engine. But with Flutter, there is Skia for rendering numerous UIs. Thus, it becomes possible to access the in-build UI of Flutter without any hassles.

Vast libraries and infinite documentation possibilities

Flutter is a multi-faceted framework that comes with an extensive collection of libraries.These libraries will aid in developing applications with scaled functionalities. In addition to the in-build libraries, this framework also supports tons of third-party libraries, allowing developers to take advantage of various components. Also, Flutter seamlessly supports documentation which results in improved learning curves.

Dart programming language

The programming language used in Flutter app development is Dart. Devised by Google, Dart is an easy-to-employ language that is extensively experimented with by developers. It is possible to gain expertise in this language with some initial effort.Flutter app development companies use this single-source programming language to develop scalable desktop and web applications in addition to feature-rich mobile apps.

Examples of Flutter-powered Applications

The vast features offered by the Flutter framework have inspired developers to come up with many agile solutions. The framework has accelerated and streamlined application development to create scalable innovations. Below are the top 5 applications built using Flutter.

  • Google Ads- This intuitive application is used to track Google ad campaigns in real-time. This application is used to monitor the performance of ads from remote locations. It offers its users live alerts, provisions for editing bids and budgets, insights on campaign statistics, and more.
  • KlasterMe- This is a growing content-sharing platform, where users get to share their content creations with the public. These include images, essays, blogs, and surveys. It has an aesthetically pleasing interface and is user-friendly.
  • Reflectly- This application is built with the intent to help users navigate through everyday stress and maintain their mental health. It is an AI-backed solution with integrated cognitive behavioural therapy, and positive psychology to help people streamline everyday activities and keep anxiety at bay. The app also offers insight from wellness experts.
  • Xianyu by Alibaba- This e-commerce platform is dedicated to the selling of second-hand products by integrating with the Alibaba Group. The platform comes with many unique features to satisfy its growing customers.
  • Postmuse- This application is aimed at tweaking Instagram stories by using templates, fonts, and emojis from the app’s gallery.By taking advantage of the extensive collection of templates offered by the solution, it possible to create professional-looking images for your feed.

Experts suggest the adoption rates for Flutter to witness higher popularity in the coming years.This open-source framework helps developers save time and resources by using a single code base for both Android and iOS applications.

If you are looking for a dedicated Flutter developer to make stable and efficient applications, then connect with us today. We can set you up with the best talents to scale your development process.

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