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Prediction Exchange Gateway (PEG)


Prediction Exchange Gateway (PEG) is an opinion exchange dedicated to trading on future events that allows our members to forecast the outcome before the event concludes. A broad spectrum of matters ranging from sports to political events to crypto is predicted. And more waiting on your way based on your preference!
This is a revolutionary financial exchange where people can trade their opinions and hedge everyday risks.

What does it mean to invest in PEG?

Investing in PEG means investing in your opinion about a particular topic, global event, or trend.
Each event is structured to have only two outcomes that PEG has enabled with two choices, Yes or No. The expected reward value fluctuates and reflects the difference in value locked for Yes or No. As the event concludes, the PEG user is rewarded based on their predictions relative to the results. The outcome is decided based on the event closure with a pre-determined date and it’s verifiable by the Source of Truth.
Source of Truth can be a verified link or a platform that is authorized for declaring real-time results. The ROI earned based on the event is then distributed to the members’ PEG wallet that took a correct position on each event.

PEG Clubs

PEG Clubs is our unique and revolutionary platform designed exclusively for our users who wish to create their own social clubs with their friends or join existing clubs to participate in the prediction exchange among the club members.
The added feature of custom question creation gives a personalized experience for the club members to be truly engaged with their friends.
Be a team to conquer the club tournaments, and competitions and become the true PEG Clubs champion.

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