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Start your business transformation with our web3 app technology consulting from ideation to development.
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As the world becomes digitally more advanced, so do our solutions.

We are the team to turn your ideas into reality. We offer web3 app consulting services that will help you harness all of its potential and gain invaluable insights for whatever project needs may come along with it such as DeFi, NFTs or even Web3 and Metaverse!

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What is blockchain development?

Blockchain is a distributed database that allows multiple parties to securely store and share data. In blockchain development, each party stores its own copy of the database, and all updates are made through consensus. This makes blockchain ideal for applications where trust is essential, such as financial transactions. Blockchain also has the potential to revolutionize

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Unlock the web3 potential in your business with Techfriar - contact us today!

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Discover our Web3 app consulting services

Our web3 experts will work with you to understand your project-specific needs, helping you to identify the most effective web3 protocol for your business needs. We’ve assisted countless enterprises and startups to achieve their goals via o

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Web3 app consultancy

We help you identify the pain points in your business, research what solutions exist for these issues on existing platforms, and suggest a web3-based solution.

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web 3 app design

Web3 app development

We're excited to help you make your business more efficient with our scalable web3 solutions. Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to develop scalable, i

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web 3 design and development

Strategy training and workshops

Discover our webinars and workshops, where we create a space for you to ask questions about web3 technology, its potential use cases, and utilization. We demonstrate how the web3 can transform your industry with

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Quick Proof of Concept (PoC)

In just 4 weeks, our team will create a PoC to demonstrate the practical potential of your web3 project. The PoC helps clients understand how their ecosystem operates and gives them an idea of where they can progr

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web  consulting process

Our web3 app consulting process

  • Ideation

    We help you bring your web3 project from idea to reality by discussing the technical requirements and business goals.

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How can Web3 App technology benefit your business?

  • Eliminate middlemen from business transactions

  • Facilitates better transparency

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Sound exciting? Book a consultation with one of our experts to uncover the prospective web3 implementations within your business.

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Why Choose techfriar?

We #loveto help businesses achieve their goals. Our team of technology specialists are dedicated to supporting our customers through every step of their journey - from implementing the most effective tech strategies, to evolving with new trends. With our help, your business can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in today’s digital landscape.

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Why choose us?

We #loveto push our limits to help our partners achieve their business goals.

Techfriar is here to connect you to the with trends and we #loveto support your evolving to match the strides of changing technology.


How much will a new website cost?

At Techfriar, we #loveto customize to fit your needs. Every business is different and tailor-fitting development makes it perfect for your needs. Our team does proper evaluation ofthe requirements on a discovery call and then comes up with the pricing for the projects and after brainstorming we work towards achieving the desired results.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Techfriar does #loveto build and can help you in building your website quicker. Advice or opinion from our team of trained and expert developers may help in producing better results

What is the process for development?

The project management at techfriar does involve an end to end service. Starting from gathering requirements from scratch to delivering the project successfully. The process is to understand your business and we #loveto listen, and gather as much information to make a clear roadmap, marking the milestones. Throughout the execution process we do ensure 24x7 open communication lines and transparency through tracking of the progress on the project.

The first step is requirement gathering. Second step of the process is wireframe /MVP, third is a phase wise development, fourth step is testing and final step is launch, maintenance & support.

Please use the process flow slide - create a similar chart or flow for the website.

What time-zone are you in?

Techfriar is currently in the UK, Estonia, India, Dubai and Kuwait. Feel free to get in touch with us. We #loveto connect for a good conversation.

How soon can the MVP be developed?

The MVP can be developed within the required time frames. With the brief being crisp, fluid and filled with required details. It can kick-off as soon as we have a sign off. We #loveto deliver on-time

Is a retainer available to sign off?

We do all kinds of projects starting with a standalone project to a retainer sign off. Just get in touch with our sales team and they can guide you with the perfect way to approach the project at hand. Find the balance with techfriar. We #loveto transform relationships from just simple transactional phases to a lasting one.

Do you have a dedicated team for the project?

We have a dedicated team of designers, developers and managers to oversee the undertaking and take care of the requirements. We #loveto listen and then deliver

Do you work with global clients? What is the process?

We #loveto interact and take on challenges. We have successfully catered to clients from various parts of the world and different segmentations. Please check out prestigious clientele and see what they have to say for us.

What is the size of business you handle projects for?

The projects we handle are ranging from small scale businesses to startups, NPOs, companies which are small and medium sized. Size of the vision does not matter. The vision does matter.

Do you have an escalation Matrix?

The escalation matrix is quite simple. The project would be assigned an account manager, project manager and all communications are routed via the account manager. In case of escalation and no response received it can be escalated to the team lead. In case the matter is not handled by the team lead, it is to be escalated to the project manager and finally to the programme director.

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We #loveto listen

We believe that every tiny “idea” has a potential to turn into a high growth brand. As a tech-brand, singularly focused on delivering values to the end-customer, Our experts will help take your business to the next level.